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Alvheim - “I Et Fjort Fortid”
Viking/Black metal

...And Oceans - “The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts”
Melodic Black metal fom Finland.

Antaios / Stigmatic Chorus – “God: The Fake Artist / Waters Of Styx”
Black metal VS Melodic black metal

Barbarity - “Hell Is Here”
Brutal Old School Necro Death metal with female growl.

Barbarity - “The Wish To Bleed”
Brutal Old School Necro Death metal with female growl.

Bathomet – “Bathomet"
Raw Black metal from Greece.

Black Goat - “Black Goat”
Thrashy black metal.

Blood Devotion – “Defile of Innocence”
Raw Anti-Christian black metal.

Boney Nem – “Ispodnee”
Brutal Death/Grincore.

Boney Nem – “Krajnjaja Plot”
Brutal Death/Grincore.

Boney Nem – “Tjazhelye Pesni O Glavnom - Vol. 2”
Brutal Death/Grincore.

Bound in Human Flesh - “Sick Lust for Revenge”
Black/Death metal from Canada.

Dark Storm - “Four Lucan Emperors”
Orthodox satanic Black metal. MANIAC BUTCHER members.

Fifth Reason – “Psychotic”
Digi. Dark progressive metal from Sweden.

Gramary - “Suffocation”
Finish Black metal.

Hades Almighty - “The Pulse of Decay”
Promo. Progressive Black metal from Norway. Re-released by Dark Essence Records in 2004 with new artwork and the following bonus tracks and one videoclip.

Inferus - “Cult to the Lord of the Evil Light”
Black metal from Brazil.

Invasion - “Conquered”
Thrash/Death from USA.

Murder Corporation – “Murder Corporation”
Brutal as fuck Swedish Death Machine. Formed as a side project of the band DERANGED.

Nitberg – “Nitsanger”
Hateful Black metal. BRANIKALD members.

Petrified - “Layers of Despair”
Brutal death metal from France.

Putrid Scum – “Putrid Scum”
German sick grind / death metal. "Psychosexualcyberspacefuckinggrindsplatterdeathcore" Violent!!!

Requiem – “Mask of Damnation”
Melodic and symphonic progressive-power metal.

Sarnath – “Life… Lies”
Melodic Heavy Metal form Finland.

Suicidal Winds – “Crush Us With Fire”
MCD. Mix of old thrash/black metal.

Tartharia - "A Secret Device"
MCD. Black metal from Russia/Suomi.

The Poodles – “Sweet Trade”
Swedish Melodic Heavy metal.

Verge - “To Rest the Last Time in Our Filth”
Raw, majestic, blurry, epic black metal.

Vidharr - “Eclipse”
Well-played, solid, raging black metal. Features an appearance by Malfeitor Fabban of ABORYM.