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(2017-05-01) New items in stock.
ANAL PUS - "Unsurmountable Exhaustion Of Disentombed..." CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Technical Death metal)
AVULSED - "Altar Of Disembowelment" MCD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Brutal Death metal)
AVULSED - "Deathgeneration" 2CD Box   160SEK/17,5$/16EURO (Brutal Death metal)
AVULSED - "Stabwound Orgasm" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Brutal Death metal)
DEATH VOMIT - "Death Vomit" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Death metal)
DEPRESSION - "Crucifixion of Gods / Wreath of Sorrow" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Doom/Death metal)
DE SAD - "The Generator Of The Forbidden Pleasures" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Thrash metal)
SPINA BIFIDA - "Ziyadah" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Doom metal)
TRIZNA - "Forgotten Tapes" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Progressive Thrash metal)
(2015-11-15) New items in stock. The new one and second hand.
ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY - "In The End Of Human Existence" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Brutal Death metal)
ASCENDANCY - "Rise of a Dead Empire" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Brutal Death metal)
ATROCITY - "Infected / The Art of Death" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Grind/Death metal)
BONE GNAWER / BONESAW - Split MCD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (Old School Death metal)
CENOTAPH - "Voluptuously Minced" CD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (Brutal Death metal)
CENOTAPH - "Re-Puked Purulency" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Brutal Death metal)
DEPRESSION - "Eine Rückbesinnung" CD   110SEK/12$/11EURO (Death metal/Grindcore)
DPOS!!! ‎– "Straight Outta Handicap Shithouse" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Goregrind)
FLESHCUT - "Gruesome And Vile" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Death metal)
FLESHGRIND - "Murder Without End" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Brutal Death metal)
INTESTINAL DISGORGE - "Sociopath" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Pure Grindcore)
ROTTENNESS - "Sickening Chronologies" CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Brutal Death/Grindcore)
SCATTERED REMAINS - "Led To The Slaughter" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Brutal Death metal)
SPLATTERED ENTRAILS - "Nauseate" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Goregrind/Death metal)
SYPHILITIC VAGINAS - "Complete Studio Collection" CD   110SEK/12$/11EURO (Thrash/Black metal)
(2014-05-15) New items in stock. The new one and second hand.
BARBARITY - "The Wish To Bleed" CD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Brutal Death metal)
BARBARITY - "Hell Is Here" CD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Brutal Death metal)
KRUK - "Drowned In A Swamp Heart Of Europe" DIGI CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Pagan/Black/Death metal)
MOLOT VEDIM - "Asylum" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Melodic Black metal)
SEVERNYE VRATA - "Otchizna" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Folk/Pagan metal)
SEVERNYE VRATA - "Na Vojnu" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Pagan/Black metal)
SEVERNYE VRATA - "Prav" DIGICD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Pagan/Black metal)
ZNICH - "Yazichnik Ya" DIGI CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Pagan/Folk/Death metal)
(2014-03-30) New items in stock. The new one and second hand.
ARKHON INFAUSTUS - "Orthodoxyn" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
BEHERIT - "Beast of Beherit: Complete Worxxx" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
BLOODSTORM - "The Atlantean Wardragon" CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Black/Thrash metal)
CRADLE OF FILTH - "Thornography" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Atmospheric Horror metal)
I SHALT BECOME - "Wanderings" CD   110SEK/12$/11EURO (Black metal)
LEGION OF DOOM - "The Desecration" MCD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Black metal)
NECROMICON - "Sightveiler" A5 Digibook CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Symphonic Black/Death metal)
NEFANDUS - "Death Holy Death" CD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (Black metal)
OXIPLEGATZ - "Worlds And Worlds" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Symphonic/Post-Black metal)
SETHERIAL - "Endtime Divine" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
SPETÄLSK - "Perverted Commandment" MCD   70SEK/8,5$/7EURO (Black metal)
(2014-02-15) New items in stock.
BULLDOZER - "Unexpected Fate" DIGI CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black/Speed/Thrash metal)
DARKNESS - "Death Squad" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Thrash metal)
DEATH STRIKE - "Fuckin' Death" CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Thrash metal)
LEGION OF DOOM / STUTTHOF - "Brotherhood Of Drakkonian Royal Blood" CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Black metal)
NOMINON - "Decaydes Of Abomination" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Death metal)
PROTECTOR - "Echoes From The Past" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Thrash/Death metal)
RAZORRAPE - "Slaughter Sluts Supremacy" MCD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Gore Grind metal)
RUBUFASO MUKUFO / DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL - Split MCD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Grindcore/Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore/Death Metal)
STRIBORG - "Solitude" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
(2013-12-15) New items in stock. The new one and second hand.
ARALLU - "War On The Wailing Wall" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Black metal)
CARPATHIAN FOREST - "We're Going to Hell for This: Over a Decade of Perversions" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Black metal)
CRUCIFIXION WOUNDS - "Bastard son of God" 7'LP   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Black metal)
EVOCATION - "Illusions of Grandeur" DIGI CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Old School Death metal)
FOLKEARTH - "By the Sword of My Father" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Viking Folk metal)
HECATE ENTHRONED - "Upon Promeathean Shores" MCD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Sympho Black metal)
MAYHEM - "Grand Declaration of War" DIGI CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Black metal)
TOXAEMIA - "Buried to Rise 1990-91" CD   110SEK/12$/11EURO (Old School Death metal)
THY DISEASE - "Neurotic World Of Guilt" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Death/Black metal)
VISIONS OF THE NIGHT - "EnVisioning The New Age" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Technical Death/Black metal)
(2013-10-15) New items in stock. Second hand.
AMON AMARTH – “Wrath of the Norsemen” DVD   200SEK/22,5$/20EURO (Death/Viking metal)
ANATHEMA – "A Vision of a Dying Embrace" DVD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Doom metal)
ARIA - "All the clips" DVD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Heavy metal)
ARIA - "Friday 13" DVD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Heavy metal)
ARIA - "Hero Of Asphalt: 20 Years" DVD   150SEK/16,5$/15EURO (Heavy metal)
ASPHYX - "Live Death Doom" DVD+2CD   250SEK/27,5$/25EURO (Death/Doom metal)
AT THE GATES – "The Flames Of the End" 3DVD   150SEK/16,5$/15EURO (Death metal)
BRUTAL TRUTH – “For the Ugly And Unwanted: This Is Grindcore” DVD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Death metal/Grindcore)
GORGOROTH - “Black Mass Krakow” DVD   150SEK/16,5$/15EURO (Black metal)
KORROZIA METALLA – "Sadism Tour 1992-1993" DVD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Thrash metal)
KORROZIA METALLA – "Vlast zla" DVD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Thrash metal)
KRUIZ – "Live In Omsk 1986" DVD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Speed/Thrash metal)
KRUIZ – "Live In Munich 1988" DVD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Speed/Thrash metal)
MALEVOLENT CREATION – “Created Live” DVD   150SEK/16,5$/15EURO (Black metal)
MY DYING BRIDE – "For Darkest Eyes" DVD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Doom metal)
OPETH – “The Roundhouse Tapes” DVD   175SEK/19,5$/17,5EURO (Progressive Death metal)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "In Goth We Trust" DVD+CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Gothic / Industrial)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Iron Marsh - 8" DVD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Thrash metal)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Metalmania 2004" DVD+CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Black/Death/Thrash/Heavy metal)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Regain Records Compilation / Murder Island" DVD+CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Black/Death/Thrash/Heavy metal)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Regain Records Compilation / Music With Impact" DVD+CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Black/Death/Thrash/Heavy metal)
(2013-05-15) New items in stock.
CANDLEMASS - "Tales Of Creation" 2CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Progressive/Doom metal)
DEICIDE - "In Torment In Hell" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Death metal)
ELYSIAN FIELDS, THE - "12 Ablaze" CD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (Melodic Death/Black metal)
INTESTINAL - "Human Harvest" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Swedish Old School Death metal)
LIMBONIC ART - "The Ultimate Death Worship" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Symphonic Black metal)
MARDUK - "Germania" CD+DVD   120SEK/13,5$/12EURO (Black metal)
REVEREND BIZZARE - "II: Crush The Insects" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Doom metal)
SERPENT OBSCENE - "Chaos Reign Supreme" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Thrash metal)
SOULREAPER - "Life Erazer" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Death/Black metal)
(2012-06-15) New items in stock.
BLACKDEATH – “Saturn Sector” CD   100SEK/11$/11EURO (Black metal)
BLACKDEATH - "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
BLACKDEATH - "Satan Macht Frei" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Raw Black metal)
DRUDKH - "Forgotten Legends" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Slavonic Black metal)
DUB BUK - "Idu Na Vy" CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Folk/Black metal)
DUB BUK - "Rus Ponad Use" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Folk Black/Pagan metal)
DUB BUK - "Mertvy soromu ne imut/The Dead Have No Shame" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Black metal)
GODS TOWER - "The Anthology" CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Epic Doom metal)
GODS TOWER - "Steel Says Last" CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Epic Doom metal)
HATE FOREST - "To Twilight Thickets" CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Black metal)
HATE FOREST - "The Gates" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Black Metal with Ambient Elements)
KHORS - "The Flame Od Eternity's Decline" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Pagan Black metal)
KHORS - "Cold" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Pagan Black metal)
KORROZIA METALLA - "Vlast zla" DIGICD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Thrash metal)
LUTEN - "Rebel Spirit in Pagan Music" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (NS Pagan metal)
WALDGEIST - "Waldgeist" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Heathen Black/Pagan metal)
(2011-03-01) New items in stock. Both the new one and second hand.
AETERNUS - "A Darker Monument" CD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (Dark metal)
AETERNUS - "Hexaeon" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Dark metal)
BAPHOMET - "Latest Jesus" CD   120SEK/13,5$/12EURO (Thrash/Death metal)
DRACONIAN - "Where Lovers Mourn" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Gothic/Doom/Death metal)
ENCHANTMENT - "Dance the Marble Naked" CD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (Doom/Death metal)
FOETICIDE - "Embrace Of Death" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Old School Death metal)
INNER THOUGHT – "Worldly Separation" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Death metal)
NECRONOMICON BEAST - "Hell Thrash War" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Old School Thrash metal)
SOULBURN - "Feeding on Angels" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Doomish Death metal)
SOULGRIND - "The Origins of the Paganblood" CD+DVD   120SEK/13,5$/12EURO (Gothic/Black metal)
TUMULUS / MOCK - "Hymns and Dirges / Cold Winter" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Doom/Black metal)
(2010-09-01) New items in stock.
BELPHEGOR - "Bondage Goat Zombie" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Death/Black metal)
BURIAL HORDES - "War Revenge And Total Annihilation" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
DECAYED – "The Book of Darkness" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
DRAGOBRATH - "Scripture of the Woods" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Pagan/Black metal)
FORGOTTEN TOMB - "Negative Megalomania" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Funeral Dark metal)
FUNERAL RITES - "Necroeater" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Black metal)
HAVOHEJ - "Dethrone the Son of God" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
INFERNAL WAR - "Conflagrator" MCD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (Black metal)
MOURNFUL CONGREGATION - "The June Frost" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Funeral Doom metal)
MURDER CORPORATION - "Murder Corporation" CD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Brutal Death metal)
RAATE - "Halki Kuolleen Maan.." CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Black metal)
(2010-05-27) New items in stock.
APOTHEOSIS - "Farthest From The Sun" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Progressive Symphonic Black metal)
BESTIAL MOCKERY - "Sepulchral Wrath" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Black metal)
BLOOD STAINED DUSK - "Dirge of Death's Silence" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Black metal)
HINDVIR - "Roth Cingetos Taxonaria" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Pagan Black metal)
INFERNUM - "The Curse" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Black metal)
PYOVELI - "The New Renaissance Of Speed & Thrash Metal" CD   120SEK/13,5$/12EURO (Thrash/Speed metal)
SARTAN - "Sepultando Las Lagrimas Del Senor + En Vivo" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Death/Black metal)
SEWN SHUT - "Rediscovering the Dead" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Grindcore)
SINNERS BURN - "Mortuary Rendezvous" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Old School Death metal)
ZAVORASH - "In Odium Veritas" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
ÖDE – "Schimmenwoud" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Obscure Black metal)
(2010-03-27) New items in stock. Second hand.
ARKENSTONE – "Arkenstone/Lusitanian Pride" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Raw noisy extreme Black metal)
BLACK ALTAR / VESANIA - "Wrath of the God / Moon Astray" CD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (Black metal)
BLACK JADE - "..of Forest and Fire.." CD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (Medieval Black metal)
DEVIL LEE ROT - "Metal Dictator/Soldier From Hell" CD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (Black Thrashy Pagan metal)
MUCULORDS / FAHRENHEIT AGX - "The Hard Side of the Muck/Douchebag" CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Goregrind VS Crust Grindcore)
MY DYING BRIDE - "The Dreadful Hours" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Doom metal)
PAGAN RITES - "Pagan Metal - Roars of the Anti Christ" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Old Skull Black metal)
THOU ART LORD - "Diabolou Archaes Legeones" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
(2010-03-10) New items in stock.
ANTI - "The Insignificance Of Life" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Depressive Black metal)
DARK LEGIONS - "Satanic Destroyer" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black/Thrash metal)
DARKNESS ETERNAL - "Misanthropic Annihilation" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black/Death metal)
ELD - "Primeval Vespers" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
EVIL ANGEL – "Unholy Fight For Metal" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Bestial Black Thrash metal)
GRAVEWORM - "(N)utopia" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black/Death metal)
GRAVEWORM - "Collateral Defect" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black/Death metal)
MARTYRUM OMNIUM - "Human Darkness" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
MARTYRUM OMNIUM - "War Code" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
(2010-01-10) New items in stock. Both the new one and second hand.
AGATHOCLES/AMOCLEN - Split CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Mince core/Medical Grindcore)
DIABOLIC FORCE - "Old School Attack" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Thrash metal)
DISEMBOWLED CORPSE - "Chronic Disembowelment" CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Brutal Death metal)
HUMAN MINCER - "Embryonized" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Brutal Death metal)
MALEVOLENT CREATION - "The Fine Art of Murder" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Death metal)
MORTICIAN - "Chainsaw Dismemberment" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Brutal Death/Grind)
PYORRHOEA – "Desire for Torment" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Brutal Death metal)
REQUIEM - "Premier Killing League" CD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (Brutal Death metal)
SCENT OF FLESH - "Roaring Depths of Insanity" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Brutal Death metal)
SINNERS BURN - "Mortuary Rendezvous" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Old School Death metal)
SOULLESS/EXSECRATOR - Split CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Death metal/Death metal)
(2009-08-10) New items in stock.Both the new one and second hand.
ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - "Rise of the Ancient Ones" CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Ancient Death/Thrash metal)
BATHOMET - "S/t" MCD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Black metal)
BLOOD DEVOTION - "Defile of Innocence" CD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Black metal)
CHRIST AGONY - "Unholy union / Daemoonseth Act II" 2 CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Death/Black metal)
EVILNASTY - "Necromaniac Blood" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
GRAMARY - "Suffocation" CD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Melodic Black metal)
GURKKHAS - "A Life of Suffering" CD   75SEK/8,5$/7,5EURO (War Death metal)
IMPALED NAZARENE - "Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces" CD   100SEK/11$/10EURO (Black metal)
MARBLEBOG - "Forestheart" CD   110SEK/12$/11EURO (Black/Ambient metal)
REQUIEM - "Mask of Damnation" CD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Power metal)
VERGE - "To Rest the Last Time in Our Filth" CD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Black metal)
VIDHARR - "Eclipse" CD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Black metal)
(2008-10-30) New items in stock.
AZRAEL - "Into Shadows Act I: Denial" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Avant-garde Black metal)
BELLUM/RHUNE - "Vinland Rising" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Grim Heathen Black metal / Epic Pagan Black metal)
DRAUGAR - "Weathering the Curse" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (US Black metal)
DRUNKARD - "Hellish Metal Dominate" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Old School Thrash/Black metal)
ESOTERIC - "Subconscious Dissolution into the Continuum" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Death/Doom metal)
HELVINTR - "A Desastrious Collaboration of Coldness and Despair" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Black metal)
HERETIC - "Devilworshipper" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
LÜGER - "Kill, Worship, Die" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (War Black metal)
MYRING - "Engage the Enemy" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Melodic Black metal)
NECROFROST - "In a Misty Soar on its swampy floor" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Black metal)
PYRE - "Behold a Pale Horse" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
RAPTOR - "Worship The Goat" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Black metal)
THUNDERBOLT - "Apocalyptic Doom" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
VIKING CROWN - "Unorthodox Steps of Ritual" DIGI CD   60SEK/6,5$/6EURO (Black metal)
(2008-04-25) New items in stock. Both the new one and second hand.
IMPALED NAZARENE - "Pro Patria Finlandia" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Black metal)
KAWIR - "Epoptia" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
MORRIGAN - "Welcome to Samhain" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black/Viking metal)
NÅSTROND - "Conquering the Ages" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Black metal)
NÅSTROND - "From a Black Funeral Coffin" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Black metal)
PAGAN RITES - "Rise Of The Pagan Warriors" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Black metal)
SHAARIMOTH - "Current II" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Ritualistic Sumerian / Mesopotamian Death metal)
SUICIDAL WINDS - "Crush Us With Fire" MCD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Black/Thrash metal)
THY DISEASE - "Neurotic World Of Guilt" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Death/Black metal)
(2007-10-15) New items in stock. Both the new one and second hand.
EVIL/S.A.R./THALLIUM - "Chaos to Unleash a New Age" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Black metal)
GOETIA - "Hail Satan" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Black/Death Metal)
HOLY DEATH - "Forever Burning Ashes" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Melodic Black metal)
HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE - "Dancing Demons In The Grey-Lit Glade" CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Black metal)
HORNED GOD - "Chaos, Bringer Of All Revelations" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Death metal)
MORS SUMMA - "Europa Europae" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (NS Black metal)
NARGAROTH - "Amarok" CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Black metal)
NARGAROTH - "Rasluka part I" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Black metal)
(2007-06-23) More stuff from RUSSIA
ALVHEIM - "I Et Fjort Fortid" CD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Viking/Black metal)
ANTAIOS / STIGMATIC CHORUS - "God: The Fake Artist / Waters Of Styx" CD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Black/Death metal / Symphonic Black metal)
BLACK WOOD – “Religious” CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Raw Black metal)
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE – “Koleso Chernoboga/Wheel of Chernobog” CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Folk/Death/Black metal)
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE – “Sny Severnogo Morya/Dreams Of The Northern Sea” CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Folk/Death/Black metal)
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE – “Tropoyu krovi po vole Roda!" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Folk/Death/Black metal)
DEADMARSH - "Grani" CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Thrash metal)
GROM – “Renaissance” CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Melodic black metal)
NITBERG – “Nitsanger” MCD   50SEK/5,5$/5EURO (Raw NSBM)
PAGAN REIGN – “Destiny of Ancient Fate” CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Melodic Black Folk metal)
SAINTS EVERLASTING REST – “The Dusk Of Millennium” CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Doom metal)
SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS(Rus) / BLASPHEMER(Ita) / HUMANITY FUCKED TO GORE(Rus) - 3-way split CD   80SEK/9$/8EURO (Brutal Technical Death metal / Brutal Death metal / Death/Grind)
VELIMOR – “Ancestry” CD   90SEK/10$/9EURO (Pagan/Black metal)
ZNICH – “Zapaviety Aposzniaha Starca” CD   70SEK/8$/7EURO (Pagan/Folk Metal)
(2007-06-06) Let's the show begin!